How to measure ?

To choose the size 100% right you only have to measure your  Beltline, also called lower waist or upper hip. That's 1 inch (or approx. 2,5cm) below your navel. You also can choose the size by your known Jeans size in inch. The jeans size is the same than the waist, but the waist shouldn't be taken to choose the right size, because men don't have such a small waist. Also, not every woman has a small waist, too. So we truly suggest to only measure your Beltline.

If your measurements are correct, our garments always will fit tight as shown on the pics, because they are smaller than the measurements shown.

Please measure your Beltline / lower waist / upper hip by using a tape measure approx. 1 inch (or 2,5cm) below your navel. This measure is the same for women and men.